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click map to enlargeAt the Head of Lake Wakatipu, Glenorchy is nestled between the Richardson (east) and Humboltd (west) Mountain Ranges and overlooked by the mighty snow capped Mount Earnslaw in the North.

From Glenorchy you can travel on to the Rees Valley, Paradise and the Dart Valley, Kinloch township, Routeburn Valley and Greenstone/Caples Valleys which boarder both Mount Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks.

The two main industries in Glenorchy are farming and tourism which have enabled the town to thrive while still maintaining it's unique qualities and southern kiwi culture.

Local extras gallop through Hercules movie set in ParadiseHome to approximately 200 people, Glenorchy is a welcoming and vibrant town offering a range of accommodation, cafes, restaurants, bars, shopping, activities, hiking, fishing and much much more.

Discover Film Sets and so much More in and Around Glenorchy, New Zealand
Glenorchy has really made its name through being so picturesque that it can look like a whole different planet. Of course, Glenorchy and the surrounding area provided the perfect scenes for Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings. Also, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian were also filmed nearby, as was the very dramatic, dark drama, Top of the Lake. It's no surprise really that this area has been chosen so many times to be the backdrop of such epic productions, when you consider the true scale of the beauty here. The scenes are literally breathtaking, and there really is no other place on the planet like it. It's truly fabulous to explore all the sites here that have also famously starred in movies and TV shows, but there really is so much to explore in this area that the attractions and adventures really are endless.

Stunning Film Locations
Of course, a big attraction to this area is for film buffs to personally discover where their favourite films were set. What's great about the Glenorchy area is that the setting is so beautiful this is merit for itself to be such a popular attraction for tourists, but it has without a shadow of a doubt still managed to retain its South Kiwi atmosphere, and is therefore still as friendly and as laid back as ever. No Lord of the Rings tour would be complete without a visit to Lake Wakitipu, which became Lothlorien in the films, the home to the Lady of the Forest. Glenorchy Hotel is situated at the head of Lake Wakitipu, with access to a range of exciting ways to view this area from hiking to boat cruises on this idyllic lake. The area south of Queenstown, which in itself is a wonderful, welcoming city, is full of recognisable scenes. Look out for Isengard, Amon Hen, The Misty Mountains and Ithilien. Top of the Lake was actually filmed in Glenorchy Hotel, so this is your great chance to sleep in a filming location! Adrian Bridge, writer for the Telegraph agrees that New Zealand has in no way been tainted or altered in anyway by the influx of movie sets, stating that Glenorchy and this extremely picturesque area of New Zealand retains an almost Garden of Eden like innocence.

New Zealand, as a country is centred on the outdoors and all that can be accomplished here—this natural, laid-back lifestyle and attitude is one that you simply cannot so anything but adopt when in this area, meaning there is a lot of exploring to be done. The region around Glenorchy could not be more perfect for fly fishing, and the positioning of Glenorchy Hotel means that you are within easy reach of the best rivers for this. Mt Aspiring National Park is also only a short drive away, and is home to some of the world's most awe-inspiring views and pleasurable walking routes. A great way to travel around New Zealand is therefore in a campervan, where you can literally just stop off where you so wish, as many times as you like—you certainly won't be short of views from legendary, epic films to choose from.. Fiordland National Park is also within easy reach, and is best explored journeying along Milford Road to Milford Sound, which is the absolute pinnacle of beauty no matter what time of year. Why not experience this striking area with views from the air on a scenic flight? There really is no better way to take in the true scale of the majestic scenery here, and this most certainly is a once in a lifetime experience. Of course the majority of the stunning scenery around New Zealand focuses around its fantastic waterways, so to truly explore all New Zealand has to offer both on and off land is via a cruise, where the jewel of Milford Sound is the focus.

There is no doubt that New Zealand is just a fabulous place to visit, where you will never forget the hospitality and kind nature of the locals, and the breathtaking scenery will most certainly stay with you for a lifetime. According to ETN Global Travel Industry News tourism is very much growing for New Zealand, with total holiday arrivals this June up 12.8% from the month of March. This really is no surprise, and the more the word spreads about this wonderful gem of the world, this is surely only going to increase.

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